HDT5291THB-25/4 boom pump

HDT5291THB-25/4 boom pump

Introduction of HDT5291THB-25/4 boom pump

Designed on the basis of accurate data from finite element analysis and dynamics simulation analysis, the boom system has a scientific structure and excellent performance. Besides, stress and strain tests are conducted by the national test center to verify the agreement between the calculation and analysis result of the boom structure and its actual working condition. The design adopts an international purchase strategy, and all its key components are world-famous brands which have the following features:

The big-diameter conveying cylinder has a strong suction ability and can afford large pumping flow.

The HBC wireless remote-control unit imported with original German packaging is light in weight and easy to carry. The operator can put the distributing boom in place simply by operating the handle bars.

The pumping capacity can be regulated through the stepless control device.

The stretching speed of the distributing boom can be regulated through the quick-and-slow stepless control device.

The slewing speed of the boom can be regulated through the stepless control device.

It is equipped with the emergency brake device and the automatic speed-control device for the diesel engine to reduce oil consumption.

Equipped with the STEIBEL transfer case and the REXROTH pump unit imported with original German packaging;

Equipped with slewing reducers and motors imported with original packaging;

Equipped with HAWE proportional multi-way valves imported with original German packaging;

Equipped with originally-imported REXROTH valves and valves made by Italian oil-control companies;

concrete pump truck equipped with an electric cabinet with totally-imported components; control modules like PLC are all products from the German company SIEMENS.

II. Features of the truck-mounted concrete pump hydraulic system:

The closed free fluid power system formed by double pump confluence has the features of large output, small depreciation and smooth commutation with no impact.

The intelligent control system makes the driving oil flow incessantly and directly into the driving oil cylinder without any loss.

As there are no fussy middle commutation control valves, the commutation impact is reduced and excessively high oil temperature is avoided. Meanwhile, it makes maintenance easier.

Compared with the open system with a large oil tank, the closed system needs a small oil tank. The oil in the tank flows gently, which reduces the chance of emulsification.

Boom concrete pump unique buffering technology can lower the system’s high-pressure peak value. Even at the time of high output, the distributing boom vibrates little and the tail pipe remains stable.

The concrete output can be regulated through the electronic proportional variable adjustment according to your actual needs.