The risk of using second-hand cement silo

The risk of using second-hand cement silo

In a market economy, many investors generally have a minimum investment return for the maximum benefit of the heart, some investors Shuaqi cleverness, playing the selection of used equipment abacus, in this era of economic stress, much of this policy respected, I also considered feasible, but it is not absolute, in a number of important projects in the province can save, not to the province or to be taken seriously in concrete batching mixing plant cement silo, too, the use of second-hand bulk cement Although the warehouse can save a lot of costs in the short term, but long-term it seems risky.

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In concrete mixing plant  production process, the use of second-hand bulk cement silo | cement tank is very obvious because the new price of bulk cement silo is in the million level, however, the emergence of second-hand bulk cement tank, it replaces the new bulk cement tank. , thereby reducing the expenditure of money. Many businessmen in order to obtain illegal profits. Because in the face of it, second-hand bulk cement bulk cement tank with a new outer edge of the tank appears to be not much different.

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But you know the dangers of second-hand bulk cement silo it? A container, how to look is not important, important is the internal environment, the harm of second-hand bulk cement tank, is often the root cause of cement and other materials change. First, we can know that a good quality bulk cement tank, to prevent caking his, as well as dust, moisture function is durable. But if we use an unknown second-hand bulk cement tank, which prevents agglomeration, such as the original protection with the use of frequency and thus also declining, leading to prevent caking and other functions weakened or even failure, when we buy after the second-hand bulk cement tank, and thus long-term cement tank to accommodate the new system, the consequences can be associated with knowledge: one leads to cement agglomeration, resulting in waste of raw materials, but the cement blocks for environmental reasons, such as air and deterioration. The end result is often a cause acceptance problems. Finally, it can not lead to acceptance by the inspectors, bringing huge economic losses. So that both sides honor damaged.

Various statements explained the harm of second-hand bulk cement silo as a smart investor, I think it will not be reduced due to less expenditure on the use of bulk cement tank used in this regard. Once emerged in these details results jerry behavior often leads to disastrous is therefore not recommended to use innovative engineers used bulk cement tank.