Requirements of the plate thickness of the cement silo

Requirements of the plate thickness of the cement silo

The main component of the cement silo is more of steel, we watch from the outside, then you will find cement silo like a steel drum, small as we explain before the cement silo maintenance process, it has already been mentioned restrictions on the thickness of the steel sheet we need to pay special attention to the maintenance of the cement silo, a lot of people will ask, why not give me what mini concrete batching plant cement silo steel sheet thicker handle it? thicker the better is not it?

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Plate thickness cement silo we generally use the default four millimeters are stainless steel, the thickness of the cement silo countless manufacturers only after a lot of practice has proved summed up the plate thickness of a cement silo.

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The thickness of this cement silo can withstand much strength? We assume that cement silo in an open-air environment, the average wind speed for the four, and cement silo is in a warehouse full of state, we combined gravity of the Earth and the external wind in the ideal state for three millimeters pressure plate will not cause any impact. Of course, we in the actual use of them, often encounter some problems, cement silo installation is not vertical, and when the wind outside is greater than four, three millimeters of steel we use can cope.