The whole operation of concrete batching plant is operated by the control system. The " />

some secrets of concrete batching plant

some secrets of concrete batching plant

Secrets of concrete mixing plant are known more comprehensively, the use will be more convenient and safer, so these "little secret" of the concrete mixing plant can't be missed!

The whole operation of concrete batching plant is operated by the control system. The control system of HZS series concrete mixing plant adopts the most advanced control system with reliable performance, convenient operation, printing functions and equipped with air conditioning. Therefore, we must pay much attention to the daily inspection work of control system, once the control system has been found any abnormity, the machine can be used after the specialized staff overhaul.

JS series of double axle forced type concrete mixer is often used as the main engine of concrete batching plant. The mixer is suitable for the mixing of plastic, rigid, lightweight aggregate and all kinds of concrete and mortar, and it has been widely used. However, the JS series concrete mixer can't be used alone. Generally it must be matched with the PLD series concrete batching machine. In this case, the production will be more efficient.

Concrete batching machine is the essential equipment for concrete batching plant, PLD series concrete batching machine adopts the smallest batching control instrument in the world, and the batching is very precise and stable, and the numerical method is advanced, so the error is effectively controlled. In a word, it is advanced ingredient equipment which can effectively ensure the concrete quality.

Cement silo is needless to say, the cement silo must be used in no matter what type of concrete batching plant, the use of cement silo is very simple, but the large reserves, and the large bearing weight of leg, so the protection of cement silo leg is very important.