Some problems existing in concrete batching plant industry

Some problems existing in concrete batching plant industry

The advanced management awareness is not enough and the product category is relatively single. Equipment is the carrier of leasing business, but the equipment is only the low-level stage of the leasing industry development. At present, most of the domestic construction machinery leasing operations is still staying in the narrow equipment rental stage, a lot of leasing businesses because of their strength is limited and inadequate equipment, and there is great limitation of products for customers to choose.

The lease agreement isn't detailed and the equipment delivery isn't precise. Affected by the domestic legal system construction process, domestic leasing enterprises mostly lack of the legal consciousness. It mainly reflected on the sign of the lease agreement, many enterprises lack enough attention to the lease agreement. Signed the lease agreement is often a mere formality, and it often lacks of operability.

The professionals of hot concrete batching plant are short and its development meets the bottleneck. The development of leasing industry today, especially with the introduction of financing lease model, the industry has developed into a knowledge intensive industry involved in marketing, financial, tax, legal and other professional knowledge, high requirements of human resources are put forward for leasing enterprises. The extremely lack of excellent rental talents has become the main obstacle to the rapid development of the leasing industry.

The credit system of concrete batching plant, imperfect laws and regulations are the main obstacle that restricts the healthy development of the leasing industry. Although this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar question, it is” the basic national conditions” in the current domestic leasing industry, and it can't be solved in a short term. Therefore, if we want to carry out the construction machinery leasing business, we must firstly have a clear understanding about the national conditions. We should consider all the leasing business in the big background. What's more, the warning of risk prevention mechanism s should be early established

The mature sign of concrete batching plant: credit system is perfect, perfect relevant law, competitive and orderly market, form the leader enterprise,, management consciousness in advance, rich variety of products, the clear lease contract, enough professionals.