Small concrete pump truck FAQ

Small concrete pump truck FAQ

Now, in construction on the pump is an irreplaceable role in the. Here is truck driver in the operation often encounter a variety of problems, here HAOMEI Machinery equipment Co., Ltd. Star-ming will provide you with answers to frequently asked questions:

1, pump arm fast how slow the point?

You can adjust the parity above multi-way valve orifice screw, thereby regulating the flow sheet valve, to regulate the speed of the purpose of the boom. Manufacturers do not recommend you to adjust the relevant buttons.

2. Pump Truck shaking too much how to deal with?

Inside the cabinet to turn off the boom cushioning effect but little more, or adjust the boom position and then put a small displacement or more, as the legs firmly support some, the problem itself steel boom.

3, how to lift GPS lock boom pump?

If you do not pay the car models are recommended on schedule or not lifted, manufacturers know very troublesome. If you have already paid the car models it can only be modified electronic control of the whole, not computer controlled.

4, concrete pump truck pumped back why not?

Concrete pump can not be pumped to the car, although the turntable can take 365-degree rotation of the boom can be turned back, but the center of gravity in the truck behind the car, back after pumping more rearward center of gravity mobile, the risk of rollover-prone, it is not pumped back! This situation can be put down to drive around a little on it.

5, the general construction of concrete pump require much space?

Almost to a diameter of 12 meters of space to be conducive to the smooth terrain it additional pump, next have to have a space for a U-turn mixer. But in general depends on the width of the front legs and rear legs, pumping the length of the pump is not the same. Secondly Also note that there is no space above obstacles such as wires, finally, to ensure the normal and depart into the concrete mixer, preferably have two venues car the car will meet the above requirements on it.