small concrete batching plant price, 35m3 batching plant Configuration

small concrete batching plant price, 35m3 batching plant  Configuration

In the current market, the rise of the surge in rural development and small-scale projects led to the fiery concrete batching plant, the number of small concrete batching plant is also increasing, how much money a small stirring station has become a problem for many customers want the line concerned .

Prices small concrete mixing station belonging to low-priced products in the machinery and equipment in the market today, a HZS35 concrete batching plant with a top price of between 15 to 170,000 yuan, the price is relatively low compared to other devices the same type of equipment and HLS mobile mixing stations mixing plant, etc., these devices because of their various characteristics lead to high prices, the performance is almost the same with the concrete mixing station, currently most of the small-scale project will directly choose the small concrete mixing plant to produce concrete.

HZS35 including a mixing station mixing console, ingredients, screw and cement silo, weighing systems and control system constitutes a relatively simple, as long as the attention to the quality of the sheet at the time of purchase of equipment is not essential to buy inferior products. Wherein the mixing console has a general compulsory mixer on the market and two kinds of self-loading mixer, compulsory mixer is the current mainstream type of material can be stirred market most concrete, broader scope of application, self-loading mixer although energy consumption , but the production rate is too slow, not discussed here.

Weighing system is a key influence concrete quality and production costs, divided into aggregates, powder and liquid weighing and some other small concrete batching plant generally used in a stacked weighing methods, construction machinery production of electronic weighing systems scales and computer control, aggregate weighing accuracy ≤2%, cement, powder, water and additive weighing accuracy can reach ≤1%.small concrete batching plant price

Delivery device determines the productivity mixing station equipment, typically large mixing station will use belt conveyors, belt conveyors advantage is that transmission distance, high efficiency, low failure rate, small concrete batching plant to use more conveyor screw conveyor, screw conveyor advantages quite obviously, the structure is simple, low cost, stable and reliable.

Concrete mixing station storage system is basically the same, such as the use of open dumps or storage silos, etc., cement silo application is also very broad.