Screw conveyor structural features

Screw conveyor structural features

1, the screw shaft and bearing hanging, head, tail shaft connected using embedded Cam, installation, disassembly without axial movement, and easy maintenance. Mandrel length, hanging, fewer points of failure.

2, the use of adjustable structure, increase the hanging bearing volume, bearing contact with the material to avoid hanging, hanging bearing life of up to two years.

3, the transmission parts are floating connection, suspended bearings gimbal structure, the spiral, hanging bearing and tail assembly to form an integral spin float within a certain range with the transport resistance rotate freely avoidance, not the material, no blocking material.(batch plants concrete)

4, bearing the head and tail are in the housing, all bearings and seals with multi-layer sealing technology, long life bearings.

Screw conveyor has become an important link in the whole production equipment. Advanced structure, strong adaptability, low resistance, long life, easy maintenance, protection devices, complete screw conveyor is notable features.(modular concrete batching plant)

HAOMEI think before screw conveyor run, first to confirm screw conveyor equipment, personnel, goods are transported in safe state intact; Second, check all moving parts normally no foreign matter, check all electrical wiring is normal, normal to the belt conveyor into operation. Finally, to check the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage does not exceed ± selling concrete batching plant