How to deal with scrap concrete of concrete mixing plant

How to deal with scrap concrete of concrete mixing plant

Concrete plant species produce more concrete, different concrete mix is ​​different than, in this alternate production process is prone to a lot of scrap concrete, if simply dumped out, on the one hand caused a lot of waste of resources, invisible in the increase of production cost, it also causes environmental pollution, then, how to deal with concrete mixing station concrete scrap it?(stationary type concrete batching plant)

First, the sustainable use of

The use of concrete mixing plant scrap concrete products that do a variety of precast concrete products. Such recycling scrap concrete method is relatively the most economical and practical method, due to the general precast concrete products for concrete grade is not required, and the production is relatively simple, only need to be watered template on the line. This method of processing scrap concrete is very simple, just put together different scrap concrete poured on a good template to prepare in advance, and then put under a ventilated environment to dry.

Second, for non-basic construction

The scrap concrete products are sold in some remote mountainous areas targeted farmers at home were occupied. There are a lot of these intermediary companies from the commercial concrete stirring station recycling all kinds of scrap concrete, then sold these specialized areas. It is worth noting that this premise dispose of scrap concrete approach is necessary to ensure that such conduct can not be any concrete foundation construction.(small concrete batching plant price)