Which Part of Batching Plant should be Checked Regularly

Which Part of Batching Plant should be Checked Regularly

To ensure the smooth operation of concrete batching plant, several parts should be checked regularly before and after using.

Before using concrete batching plant, the following parts should be checked:

1. Check whether the machine body is stable.

2. Check whether the screw bolts on mixing lade are tightly fixed.

3. Check whether the screw bolts on material feeding frame are tightly fixed.

4. Check whether there is enough water supply for water pump, whether water can flow smoothly in the pipe.

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After using concrete batching plant, operator should do the following things´╝Ü

1. Use water to clean up the dust inside and outside of mixing drum, hopper and discharging door.

2. Insert the brake pin. There shouldn’t be any materials in the hopper.

3. Cut off the power, lock the electric control box.

4. Add lubrication oil to every lubrication points according to the actual situation.

5. All the water in water supply system should be drained.