Operator of concrete mixing station and knowledge of the production

Operator of concrete mixing station and knowledge of the production

Concrete Mixing cabinet control station operator proficiency. It also involves of a important issue. A concrete batching plant operator understand the erroneous operation will result in the mixing station equipment damage, but also affect the quality of the material out of the mixing station.

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concrete mixing plant operator shall comply with the following manufacturing processes:

1, the production must receive notice before the production tasks, and strictly in accordance with the contents of task orders; when there are multiple task orders, to clear-headed, stirring concrete and invoice must correspond;

2, the type of stirring before checking whether the various materials and components corresponding to the control, the quality of materials can meet the requirements; check whether the status of the device correctly and ready.

3, the need to adjust the ratio according to the moisture content of sand; overshoot, whether feeding timing and mixing time needs to be adjusted.

4, the first tank because the mixer mortar adhering to consider whether to make compensation plus sand, cement and stone reduction.

5, the mixing time is set based on the requirements of testing personnel, generally from 30-3 seconds range, when incorporated into the admixture or admixtures, to appropriately increase the mixing time according to the methods of incorporation and process requirements, to ensure the quality of concrete to meet the requirements.

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concrete batching plant operator should have knowledge and understanding of the four points

1, grasp the basic knowledge and concrete-related;

2, understanding the purpose and function of concrete mixing station mixing station and various departments function of each control member;

3, understanding and manipulation of concrete stirring process flow mixing station.

4, during the course of operation, the operator needs to understand the need for each stage and step. The only way to accurately process in emergency situations, when thrown, thrown avoid manipulation errors causing damage to equipment and material losses.

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