HZS75 small concrete mixing plant technical parameters

HZS75 small concrete mixing plant technical parameters

HZS75 commercial concrete mixing station mixing station equipment suppliers is common, since establishment rate is relatively high, production quantity, rich design and flexibility and other special establishment by the user's favorite. All HZS75 concrete mixing station area, duration, wages we all summed up, for your reference.

HZS75 concrete mixing station technical parameters:

The plant went bird's-eye view for reference purposes only, divided yard zone, mixing zone, concrete truck parking area, office area and living area. It takes account 4--5 acres of land.

small concrete mixing plant equipment on single date - Production - Commissioning - Installation guide - the time required for the test machine about 90 days.

If you need my factory technical personnel abroad to guide the installation, the buyer need to provide round-trip airfare, room and board and pay $ 300 per person per day.

Batching plant principles:

(1) small concrete mixing plant location should be preferred in the construction project land boundaries. Conditional, should be selected in the need to change existing functionality or unused railway land range. Take temporary land use, should be developed with local construction projects combined.

(2) small concrete batching plant should be set up in relatively flat terrain, with good water construction zone. And it should be easy to water and avoid serious adverse geological location, away from ecologically sensitive areas.