The main reason of mixing plant price difference

The main reason of mixing plant price difference

Concrete mixing plant price is most concerned about customer problems, a key factor in how much concrete mixing station or depending on the customer's needs. Usually large concrete production line, such as an annual output of 100 Articles, Articles 200 and 400 Articles of concrete production line of concrete mixing plant must be several sets of large commercial concrete mixing station just a combination of stirring station equipment investment will more than a few million, construction site and various budget may not add up to tens of millions or even billions of investment. If the customer's needs are small and medium sized production lines to produce about 100 Articles, 50 Articles about even mixing plant investment generally choose a single set of concrete mixing station to invest in equipment and more about two million.

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Various types of different commercial concrete batching plant price, power, and with are not the same.Small commercial concrete station first concrete supplier is not required with high, stable productivity, mutatis mutandis, the first investment fund is less cf., mutatis mutandis, also uses extensive. The large high contrast on the price point, but it high productivity cf., mutatis mutandis, the device is complete, from the Maintenance furthermore that small commercial concrete Suppliers concrete stations are well maintained cf., mutatis mutandis, as the device is small, with no so many, only takes a small amount of manpower and a long time can firmly make commercial concrete Suppliers concrete station normal operation. Large it would take a little time to go carefully maintained and safeguarded.

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Concrete batching plant is a collection of a set of equipment includes: concrete mixing host, concrete batching plant, mixing station control system, control room, cement silo, screw conveyor, weighing systems, belt conveyors, the master structure, etc., can be realized fully automated production of concrete. different manufacturers technology investments, equipment selection, equipment life, device yield different concrete mixing stations at different prices. Now there are concrete mixing station concrete mixing stations, concrete mixing station project, mobile concrete mixing plants, concrete mixing stations and other simple. Commodity concrete mixing station for large commercial concrete producers, concrete mixing station project for roads, runways, railways, and a variety of high-speed rail projects, a simple mixing station for small to medium projects and the rural market, the mobile station is suitable for mixing short duration, engineering, project a long line of projects. Of which the urban development and transformation of multi-use commercial concrete mixing station, the new rural construction used in concrete mixing plants and simple concrete mixing station mostly mobile mixing station high cost more for export.