Concrete mixing plant model implicit some knowledge

Concrete mixing plant model implicit some knowledge

Many customers and visitors do not understand concrete mixing plant model (such as HZS180 concrete batching plant, 2HZS180 concrete mixing station) in letters and numbers represent what. In HZS180 example.

① H- represent concrete.

② Z- represents batching plant, if the mixing plant is represented by the letter L

③ S- indicates the configured mixer (host) is compulsory twin-shaft machine, if compulsory single horizontal shaft machine with the letter D.

④ 180- represents a 3m3 mixer theoretically one minute out of a 3m3 gray, one hour 60 minutes handjob 60, corresponding to the output of concrete is 3 × 60 = 180 m3.

If the plus sign in front of the "2" indicates that the configuration of the mixing plant is a double unit (double), such as dual-station 180 represented as 2H Z S 360.

In fact, a HZS180 concrete batching plant production line in general output per hour 180m3 concrete is impossible. In the GB / T10171 stipulates periodical mixing station If compulsory mixer, the operating cycles as follows: host 1.5m3 ~ 2m3, it should be ≥40 times / h, 2m3 station 120 to configure the machine as an example, the minimum ash amount should ≥ 80m3 / h, and when the host is greater than 2m3 to 4m3, the times should be ≥35 / h. Mixing station products are ready-mix (fresh) concrete, the so-called ready-mixed concrete is defined by the concrete mixing station, without tamping qualified homogeneity of concrete, also called general merchandise concrete. The so-called homogeneous concrete refers to concrete mortar density relative error of not more than 0.8%, unit volume of concrete coarse aggregate relative error is not more than 5% of the mass of concrete.Mixing plant and batch plant is the main difference: mixing station is divided into the main building and aggregate storage warehouses. If the aggregate storage warehouses shift into stirring above the main building it is the mixing plant. Statistically speaking, build customer mix The number of stations to be much more than the mix stirred built building. The reason is that less concrete batch plants built with a total investment, short construction time. Often using the "concrete" word in the concrete industry, it means that is concrete, that "artificial stone"