Source of mini mix concrete batching plant Wastewater

Source of mini mix concrete batching plant Wastewater

Concrete Mixing plant wastewater does not include domestic sewage, the main source of the following four:

(1) Waste concrete separation produced Whey . Some sites remaining concrete and concrete quality problems after separation of sand separator, sand and stone to be separated from the rest of the component cementitious materials, additives and ingredients of concrete wash water to form slurry water into wastewater recycling pool for concrete production. This part of the wastewater contains large amounts of gelling material particle component on the performance of concrete has certain advantages .(compact concrete batching plant)

(2) the production of transport equipment wash water. Mainly mixers and mixer After running in order to prevent the hardening concrete bond on the device, rinse wastewater generated by the equipment. This section also contains part of the cementing material waste composition.(mini mix concrete batching plant)

(3) production sites rinse water. In order to keep the area clean, and stirred station every day, rinse with water production sites, flush water through the drains into the site waste water recycling pool. This water contains small amounts of concrete raw ingredients, more ingredients containing sediment on the site, but this will be part of the water after secondary sedimentation tank before entering the recycling recycling, it will greatly reduce the sediment concentration.(concrete mixer batching plant)

(4) part of the rain. Part rainwater drains into the waste water through recycling tank, before entering the recycling pool will also go through secondary sedimentation.