How to Maintenance the key parts of concrete pump truck

How to Maintenance the key parts of concrete pump truck

Small concrete pump as the primary machinery of its construction machinery and equipment efficiently popular market, in the size of the project site can be seen in its presence. But for the construction work of high intensity, small truck with the increased use of time prone to various losses and failures, so weekdays maintenance is critical, especially the core components, critical parts of the maintenance is particularly important!

Small concrete pump truck as the current much welcomes the concrete construction machinery and equipment, which several key parts of the pump accessories should particularly pay attention to, such as manual grease pumps, lubricating oil cup, concrete pistons, arm, leg and so on weekdays to pay more maintenance. Now for several key parts of the maintenance work, each row of concrete were introduced:

Manual grease pump

After pumping before the end of each boot and you want to clean the vehicle, and then check and maintain grease filled manual grease pump storage tanks inside, pulling the grease pump handle, observe stirred bearing, S tube size spindle head place, if you can have a clean, grease overflows. In the course of their work should be pulled manually every hour on the grease pump handle 10 times. While maintaining a clean lubrication system to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering, do not contact with acid substances while working 500 hours each time cleaning the system.

cups oil lubrication

Two swing seat valve cylinders, each with a lubricating cup. Before pumping begins, it must fill up the grease into the oil cup and capping grease lubrication. Operation, should cap Lubricate every four hours, so that the spherical friction surface in good lubrication condition.

arm, leg and table maintenance

At the hinge point of the concrete pump truck boom sections, the four legs of the connecting shaft and bearing and turntable designed several positions butter mouth, usually required every 60 working hours to lubrication points (grease fittings) oil . It should normally be fully lubricated with grease until oil overflows.