JZC concrete mixer and JZM concrete mixer equipment

JZC concrete mixer and JZM concrete mixer equipment

JZC concrete mixer and JZM concrete mixer are roller self-falling concrete mixer, according to the actual needs of the feed-side hopper with full-climbing and tipping bucket-type and so on. Many customers call to buy concrete mixer, they can not tell what kind of concrete mixer you need, where the HaomeiGroup JZM concrete depth analysis of the difference between JZC and concrete mixer.

JZC series of concrete mixer is a double-cone reversing material mixer. The mixing tube is driven by the ring gear. When mixing, the mixing is carried out. It can stir the plastic and semi-dry rigid concrete. It is suitable for general construction sites and roads. , Bridge engineering and all kinds of concrete component factory. JZC concrete mixer is more common in daily life, it is in the mixing drum outside a circle of gears, the other end of the motor installed in the small gear, the motor rotation, the pinion drive large gear drive so that the mixing drum non-stop rotating concrete mixing .

JZC series mixer including JZC250, 350, 500 and 750 four main models, of which JZC750 type is fixed, in addition to as a stand-alone use, but also with the ingredients into a simple batch mixing unit models are the rest of mobile models.

JZM concrete mixer mixing quality is very good, because of their own characteristics, mixing tube rotation is very stable, using rubber roller friction drive, with a small noise, smooth operation, easy to move. Can be mixed plastic and semi-rigid concrete, suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower and other projects. This mixer has a plastic tug at the front, in the mixing tube discharge end, the rest of the appearance and JZC similar.

Both concrete mixer has its own merits, according to their needs customization, support custom manufacturers - Haomei Group, welcomed the consultation.