Nursing and Repair of JS1500 Forced concrete mixer

Nursing and Repair of JS1500 Forced concrete mixer

JS1500 Forced concrete mixer is used to know JS1500 forced mixer good quality, high production efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, low noise, long life and other advantages of vulnerability, JS1500 forced mixer can be used alone, can As the supporting host of the mixing station, it is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized prefabricated components factory.

JS1500 Forced concrete mixer maintenance and maintenance methods:

1, according to the use of bearing parts on a regular basis lubrication, gear box lubrication with reference to its product manual.

2, regular inspection of the machine seal and found that leakage should be promptly check the gasket at the gasket quality.

3, often check the mandatory mixer blade tightening, if loose should be tightened in time.

4, often check the compulsory mixer electrical control system is in good contact and dry.

5, forced concrete mixer after long-term use, the scoop and the mixing tube to wear, according to the wear and tear to adjust or replace.

6, in the course of mixing forced mixer must not hand and bar into the cylinder to avoid danger.

JS1500 Mandatory Mixer Uses:

JS1500 compulsory mixer is mainly used for building research units and construction companies and concrete components unit laboratory, can be mixed ordinary concrete, lightweight concrete and dry concrete, can also be applied to other industry laboratories for mixing different materials.