How long to repair concrete batching plant

How long to repair concrete batching plant

concrete batching mixing plant set when engaged in professional production, because of its greater intensity of production, it is difficult enough to be some prejudice can not imagine, today told this handling.

We all know, as this has a large mechanical repair curing period, the concrete mixer repair cycle we know? Construction workers is sure to understand, which is directly related to the safety of construction workers, and therefore this issue should be taken seriously, not the effect, here we come to introduce concrete mixer repair cycle, for we see.

Usually concrete mixer repair cycle is divided into four, namely, a security, two security, repair and overhaul some of these four.

A security patch cycle square concrete mixer is based on the amount of concrete stirring or based on the use of time is to determine the general concrete mixer stirring 5,000 cubic meters of concrete conservation should be repaired, or is the use of time in two months or so, They are to repair conservation.

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The first patch cycle back to calculate the second patch cycle is beginning, and all for the second period than the first patch fixes a longer period. So how two security patch cycle count it? 10,000 cubic meters of concrete mixer to mix concrete or work four months after Paul II should enter a period, concrete mixing cycle will be longer and longer follow the idea came before a patch cycle than the next patch cycle longer.

The third patch cycle, also is in the repair time is stirred for 50 000 cubic meters of concrete mixer concrete should be entered in the repair. After all, is a long overhaul, overhaul cycle than doubled in the period of repair, also is mixing concrete 100,000 cubic midnight to start preparing for an overhaul. Here particularly explain, repair and overhaul cycle must control, assuming control of the less good, which directly affect the service life of concrete mixers, there will be serious trouble in the construction process, so the person in charge must to pay attention to it.

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