How to Demolishing concrete batching plant?

How to Demolishing concrete batching plant?

1, remove the front inspection: Before concrete mix plant demolished by the Electrical technician for the functioning of the usage of the equipment and systems to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and make a record (including image data) to take practical preventive measures to eliminate safety hazards and prevent accidental damage produced during disassembly, causing unnecessary economic losses.

2. Remove the front maintenance: In order to ensure that the next device in the normal functioning of the installation, the equipment must be cleaned and overall maintenance disassembly before oiling, to ensure that the machinery lubrication in place, so as to prepare for the relocation.

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Usually the main part to be checked: Eng said powder discharge doors, shaft lubrication during operation, the host discharge doors, cement warehouse, fly ash bin and screw conveyor Have Chen, powder bin discharge port, each measurement known as the discharge port and discharge valve, the discharge port batching, mixing station and other parts of the appearance.

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3, job site: site roadbed concrete, mobile concrete plant around bentonite, sand and other materials facilities and reservoirs within a week to clean up all Sinotrans before disassemble. Construction site to ensure no obstacles, there is enough space for disassembly operations.