How to deal with the crack of concrete plant side panel?

How to deal with the crack of concrete plant side panel?

In the course of concrete mixing equipment, the phenomenon will appear side cracking can be considered one of the small irregularities, today, our professional person will tell you about this phenomenon caused causes and treatment methods, hoping to help you in the future when encountered the same situation can be quickly and correctly solve or avoid.

Causes of cracks:

1, fly ash (sand) too small, body can not keep up early strength

2, body density is too large

3, excessive body drop

4, the ratio of water, the lack of an elastic body


1, (1) improve the cutting hardness (2) increase the sieve Fly

2, (1) Capacity control (2) the use of additives to improve the strength of the cutting body

3, body 10 cm sawing station must pause, then slowly falling

4, (1) reduce the specific gravity of the slurry (2) increase the amount of slurry (3) reducing the amount of lime

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