Concrete plant protection methods and damageable parts

Concrete plant protection methods and damageable parts

Concrete mixing plant concrete production the most commonly used construction machinery and equipment, which are often large-scale equipment by a number of annexes, such as JS series of concrete mixers, cement silo, concrete batching machine, spiral pump, weighing systems. In the annex there will be some small parts are most frequently used, but also the most easily damaged, common wearing parts are: host stirring leaves, liner, host belts, inclined belt drive belt, roller, the solenoid valve , cylinder, weighing sensors.

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Concrete mixer damageable parts in normal use, would be subjected to a certain wear, with the air of a long touch of rain is likely corroded, if severe corrosion equipment parts, it will affect their life, serious affect device normal operation. Therefore needs to do their part of the process to avoid being corroded. To avoid each piece of equipment corroded, demand information at the time of manufacture concrete mixers selected corrosion resistance of good information. Together, the demand by the air barrier and other methods to reduce the appearance of corroded parts. Parts together but also to avoid the onset of fatigue damage, such as cracking, loss and other appearance scene. To avoid the onset of vision, contrast can be selected during manufacture flat section was filtered. It is possible to use penetration, quenching and other methods to progress hardness part.

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For some customers use the mixing station, Zhengzhou haomei Machinery equipment Co.,ltd innovation in every customer specific explanation, and give them a single use of imitation, if customers still have some questions, we can train relevant aspects. Therefore, we can see that the customer does not exist in the use of a larger subject, mainly maintenance of equipment. Theselarge concrete mixing plant production line on maintenance also need to do a lot of it, where a lot of us need to pay attention have made a detailed introduction in the machine's instruction sheet, such as a pre-assembled device requires attention to what , the installation process requires mainly those aspects, in the course of what you need to know, how long there is the need for related equipment replacement and maintenance and so on.

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