How reasonable use of Small concrete batching plant additives

How reasonable use of  Small concrete batching plant additives

Small concrete batcing plant in production process, It need to add some additives, these additives must comply with the requirements of the project, but also economical. In the cement mixing station to pay attention when the additive according to the strength of the cement mixing station products, flexibility, impermeability frost resistance and other quality requirements to be added.

Concrete plant normal operations is a set of concrete production line, every step is very important, such as pay attention to produce quality concrete may not be reached. Take additive mixing station, the individual is just play a supporting role in the mixing station, and if the cement blend can achieve different effects. Therefore, mini mobile batching plant in a reasonable use of additives is particularly important.

Concrete plant commonly used external additives are: pumping agent, superplasticizer, antifreeze, coagulant and bulking agents and the like. Each different admixtures have ordinary and efficiency of the points, as well as complex, people in the commercial concrete mixing plant construction process to whenever necessary, select the appropriate effective external additive in order to improve efficiency, reduce the duration!

mobile concrete batching plant has a variety of external additives, if needed according to a certain proportion of premixed and then weighed together with water injection mixer for mixing. In the course it should be noted that some special needs external additive trial stirring to prevent problems!

In short, the production of concrete batching plants to a reasonable use of additives, commonly used in antifreeze and other winter and summer commonly used coagulant and the like. Be sure to select the appropriate external additives, so that not only improve efficiency, but also enhance the final product quality concrete.