concrete batching plant fault diagnosis

concrete batching plant fault diagnosis

Observation inquiry method

concrete batching plant equipment maintenance can be carried out according to the useful life of equipment and the associated preliminary analysis of the model, ask the user for repair and inspection done, and then make a thorough understanding and careful observation of the phenomenon of failure, then make judgments, focus wearing parts easy to wear, reliability.

Hearing Law

When the equipment is running, it will be issued regularly but noisy sound, if the equipment fails, it will produce abnormal sound. When servicing, you can let the device run under different conditions, equipment failure and auscultation, for example, the crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism, you can use the pole rods auscultation auscultation abnormal sound; on the card keyway gap at the role and reaction , irregular abnormal sound.(concrete plant)

Touch Method

Maintenance personnel can use the handle to be feeling for equipment failure. For example: the emergence of the motor overheating; to touch the pump outlet hose, you can feel the water pressure is passive, so the case will show that the pump is working; practical aspects of checking the tightness of the belt, the specific surface friction wear, etc; seal not very good axis member, there will be noticeable vibration running, trembling or other phenomena, prove whether mechanical equipment is working properly.

Olfactory law

If the work station concrete mixing plant equipment appeared overload, there will be odor, so the work can be carried out with a sense of smell. For example: appears on the operation of the device mechanical overload, if the temperature rises, it will produce odor; if non-metallic materials exudes the smell of burning, it indicates that the wire is damaged.(batching plant)

Substitution method

The so-called replacement method is to use a qualified or assembly parts, damaged parts will appear to be replaced, for wearing parts and grindability member periodically inspected and replaced. For part of the vulnerability, but unfavorable