Concrete batch plant demolition Notes

Concrete batch plant demolition Notes

Production of concrete batch plant after a certain period to be repaired, the repair process involves the concrete mixing station apart. The concrete mixing plant conditions required to open one, choose sturdy foundation, flat place, no dust around the place. can not have a high-voltage wire and other obstacles. to places farther away from the channel.Open at the start of concrete plant to check all the security stuff is not perfect, and then clean up the construction site, leaving space for satisfaction. Then pick up the batching machine, cement residue inside the warehouse, carefully cut off water, gas, electricity and other auxiliary devices pack and undo the electrical, water, additives, such as compressed air lines.(silo for concrete batching plant)

Concrete mixing plant process is undone:

1, Undo batch layer, stirring layer peripheral boards.

2, withdrawal into the overall structure of the material layer roof, roof trusses and the like.

3. Undo screw conveyors and belt conveyor belt conveyor head and some mechanical truss (demolition should be preceded by the above rollers and other mechanical parts removed).

4, layer ingredients undo all equipment and ingredients layer channels.

5, undo the bay, control room and control room stent.

6, undo the hopper and stirrer and stirred layer corresponding stair way.

7, undo stirring flights of stairs and pathways way below, column and the like.

8, according to the following piece undo aggregate storage and mechanical equipment.

9, powder cans and undo all of the above equipment, then undo the powder tank bay below.(slat belt conveyor for batching plant)

After the pack described above, in an inventory of these devices to ensure that the equipment is intact and in good condition, must be present when withdrawn by professional staff.