The causes of concrete batch plant Belt frequency deviation fault

The causes of concrete batch plant Belt frequency deviation fault

1. Structure of the tape, the type and conditions of work (rack uneven settlement of foundation, the impact of wind, frost, rain and snow)

2. And tension of the power by the driving and tensioning devices passed

3. The degree of alignment of tape joints

4. The presence of dust and water non-bearing surface

5. batching plants load direction and blanking point whether the belt 6. The rollers are in the running direction.

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The belt deviation approach of concrete batching machine :

(1) of deviation to one side along the tape machine.

1. belt joint is not correct approach: joint alignment.

2. The belt curling approach: a belt tensioning or replacement.

(2) in the longer distance for some tape rack position deviation to one side.

1. Blanking spot deviates from the center of the belt, the processing method: Adjust chute or blanking point so that the material falls on the center of the belt

2. The belt frame bending approach: Straightening Rack

(3) Tape irregular deviation of concrete batch mixing plant.

1. The belt can not be too hard to adjust treatment methods: self adjusting deviation increases drag roller traction belts replaced with good flexibility.

2. Drag grooved roll forward tilt, but not more than 2 ° required more trough drag roll processing methods: the first adjustment of blanking points, then consider other ways.