Unavoidable common faults of concrete batching plant

Unavoidable common faults of concrete batching plant

HZS120 concrete mixing plant and standing use, due to the aging of components, wear and environmental impact, often there will be six kinds of error, the processing method of concrete mixing plant failure? How to solve common faults?

1, cement weighing scales are not allowed

The fault performance plus weights calibrated to show the correct value, but not after unloading digital zero, cleared and then loaded weight figures vary widely, but check the sensor resistance value in the normal range, and the meter, no problem.

The reasons may include: transportation with a fixed scale of angle iron frame not relieved; pressure head and platen at the hairpin; scale body with the outside world interfere with each other; three sensor models do not match; partial loads weighing materials.

Treatment of concrete batching mixing plant fault is: if transport with a fixed scale of angle iron frame not removed, should be promptly removed; if the ram or platen issuer, should be in time to make it smooth and without resistance; if the scale body interferes with the outside world should be timely isolation; if three sensor models do not match, should be replaced with the same model sensor; if the material partial load, should be adjusted.

2, open and close the difficulties aggregate compartment discharge gate without material

The fault performance cylinder slow and weak, but check the mechanical parts of the discharge doors without friction, catching phenomenon, and the solenoid valve, cylinder are no air leaks.

The reasons may include: poor air passage, such as air FRL at the gas-water separator filter is dirty, causing poor air passage so that the gas flow rate per unit time is reduced, resulting in slow activity cylinder; muffler dirty, in rod chamber and the rod chamber of the cylinder pressure becomes smaller operation, resulting in cylinder moves slowly.

Treatment of mobile concrete batching plant fault is: if poor air passage, the filter should be cleaned or replaced; if the muffler is dirty, should be cleared muffler.

3, no material discharge port

The fault in the performance of the contactor pull, when the clockwise rotation of the motor, picture screw conveyor discharge port not expected, they switch the air a little longer trip; the air after the switch is closed to start the motor trip still observed powder no solidification phenomena.

The reasons may include: machine tools for the reverse; air switch is damaged; the motor terminal base unit may have a bad contact.

Treatment of batch mixing plants fault is: If the reversal machine tools, machine tools to the motor terminal arbitrary two bits can be adjusted; if the air switch is damaged, should be replaced; if the base unit has a motor terminal phase is bad, you should check processing.