Cleaning the host of concrete mixing Plant is very importance

Cleaning the host of concrete mixing Plant is very importance

concrete batching plant mixing console just like the heart concrete batch plant, HZS series of concrete mixing station mixing console works as follows: The screw shaft and blade structure in a continuous helical axis direction, and stirred well at the same time as the cylinder barrel were no dead stirred to achieve concrete mixing plant needed run. Host's stirring performance mainly reflected in the safe and efficient. Wear-resistant alloy blades mixing console at runtime shaft with spiral will ensure its safe operation, and the situation will not wear. Mixer shaft sealing shaft stabilized merciful, long life, and safer to run the entire hydraulic system. But oil is stirred host requires periodic maintenance, cleaning, replacement guarantee its long-term use.

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Concrete mixer cleaning Note:

1. Never use a sledgehammer beat way to clear accumulated in the concrete mixer concrete barrel, can only be cleared with a chisel;

2. Concrete mix station after the suspension was stirred with water and stones into the cylinder 10 to 15 minutes cleaning, then water and Shi Ziqing out. Pay attention to cleaning, the power supply to be removed;

3. To conduct regular cleaning, regular maintenance procedures specified in the project, maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling.

Here to tell you about precautions concrete mixing station cleaning:

1, concrete mixing station during normal production, to check the solidification stirring agitator shaft concrete cylinder and regular, if condensation should be carried out according to the requirements of manual eradication. Manual cleaning mixing tube before, we must cut off the power, gas, put the net residual gas, locked control room; when the manual cleaning mixing tube, non-violent percussion stirring shaft, stirring blades and the stirring arms.

2, concrete mixing plant equipment in the flush door material mixing console, you should avoid upper rinse product material is formed under the foreign object catching charging door phenomenon. Mixing process, if concrete trucks no longer in place, the water should be added to the mixer were easy cleaning.

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