Cleaning method of commodity concrete mixing plant

Cleaning method of commodity concrete mixing plant

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A small concrete mixing tank(mobile ready mixed concrete batching plant) before starting the first inspection of each controller is good, after the completion of each job you want to pour some water and stone cylinder mixer stirring for about 10 minutes, then wash.

Second, there will be a lot of work during the concrete mixer accumulate in small concrete mixing tank(concrete batching plant parts), you should use a chisel to remove these excess concrete.

Third, the cold season, blenders work is completed and after cleaning to tanks, pipes, pumps the water put the net, to avoid water tanks, pipes, pumps were frozen.

Fourth, in accordance with the maintenance requirements stirrer their regular maintenance work, such as cleaning, lubricating components and refueling work.

Concrete mixing tank(electric concrete batching plant) cleaning is an important process affecting their life, cleaning every step to ensure the normal operation of the mixer device to work safely.