Buy large angle belt conveyors should pay attention to some problem

Buy large angle belt conveyors should pay attention to some problem

Steep Ribs conveyor is suitable for the transportation of loose powder, granular, small block, paste and liquid-like material. Having the use of a wide range of small footprint, throughput, and high efficiency.

1. During transport, the conveyor belt is mainly based in tension, its effect plays an important role, if rigidity is small, so that the belt transverse deformation caused material spreading phenomenon. General requirements for the core layer of at least 6 or more layers.(stationary concrete batching plant)

2. Look at the clapboard and skirts, according to the throughput conveyor to choose, determine the skirt height, baffle spacing size, the effective bandwidth of the size and other factors.Steep Ribs conveyor can work at 0 ° ~ 90 ° angle setting. Achieve delivery angle can not be achieved, further reducing the project costs, shorten the transport distance, saving manpower.

3. steep Ribs conveyor more than 70 degrees should cover band (using cover tape to prevent leakage of material benefits baseband damage; also can increase the volume of material).

4. steep Ribs conveyor rollers require a lot higher than for flat belt requirements, if in the case of the same model with a flat belt use than larger cylinder models.

5. Baseband: corrugated sidewall belt conveyor baseband mainly in tension, but in the course of its lateral rigidity on the use of performance and effectiveness also plays a big role. The conveyor belt rigidity is too small, so that the transverse deformation of the conveyor belt, causing material spreading phenomenon. (concrete batching plant spare parts)

6. separator skirt: skirt when selecting the separator throughput in the first conveyor consideration, such as: skirt height, baffle spacing size, the size of the effective bandwidth.(60m3 concrete batching plant)