The main hazard analysis of batching plant production process

The main hazard analysis of batching plant production process

1: Dust

In the production process due to mechanical transport of solid materials, open-air operations of various materials, motor transport, cement into the tank, it will generate a lot of dust, the operator of long-term work in dusty environments, the dust will be subject to damage, leading to occupational diseases occur.

2: against objects

Because of the tall buildings, structures, equipment, higher unstable objects, object storage improper easily lead to fall injury. Especially in the patrol, when equipment maintenance, presence tools, parts and other items lost wounding risk of accident.

3: Mechanical damage

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Large, long-distance running machinery and equipment, exposed moving parts are more prone to mechanical damage. During the installation, operation, maintenance process, the fast-moving parts of some equipment, the swing member, the engaging parts, etc. If the lack of good protection facilities, it is possible to hurt the hands, feet, hair and body parts of the operator. If the operator is not equipped and not wearing the correct protective equipment required labor, may cause mechanical damage. Various types of pumps or other devices with protective gear as inadequate or damaged facilities, may also cause mechanical damage.

4: scalding (hot scalding)

Machinery, vehicles moving parts, high temperature welded components, such as human accidentally exposed to high-temperature materials and high temperature device surface vessel, most likely caused by scalding;High temperature equipment without protective equipment or insulation damage and loss may also cause burnings;Failing to wear protective equipment worn or incorrectly, human contact with the hot surface of the device may also cause scalding at work.

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5: electric shock

Use of electrical installations (such as blenders, lifting materials, conveyor belts, air compressor, power distribution facilities, etc.), electrical facilities design defects, aging or damaged insulation, without grounding (zeroing) protective equipment or damage, illegal operations protective measures may be caused by improper electric shocks.