Concrete batching plant production line process

Concrete batching plant production line process

On the engineering concrete mixing station Depending on the application, not the same concrete mix gravel, etc., but the process is the same production line. Concrete mixing station equipment consists of several parts, namely, control systems, batching system, material storage system, mixing system, weighing system components, production processes:

First, the sand and gravel by forklifts to shovel gravel as automatic batching machine proportioning weighing, conveyor belt through the ingredients to enhance the mixing console in the trunk (concrete mixing stations Suppliers by belt conveyor for aggregate into waiting hopper, waiting to enter the mixing console), ascends into compulsory mixer wait stirred tank;

Secondly, bulk cement through the cement silo + spiral transported to the cement, said in weighing, and water, fly ash, admixtures together weighed into the mixer after mixing began.

Is about more than concrete batching plant equipment about process, through mixing station centralized control system is completed, the entire production process is done automatically by the device, regardless of the efficiency and quality are obvious.

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