Operate Batch Plant According to Right Steps

Operate Batch Plant According to Right Steps

Except for the quality of the machine will cause failures, the right and normal operation of the equipment also will cause failures. Here, Haomei will introduce five steps to tell you how to operateconcrete batching plant correctly.

Check every indictor of concrete batching plant timely, and regularly check whether the clutch, brake and lifter are flexible and reliable or not. The machine can not work until all the parts have reached normal standard.

Check the internal and external circuits of mixing building, and make the insulation of every circuit be kept good. The exposed rotating parts of the machine should be set up with protection device.

The big stone and other iron products must not be put into the storage, and anyone can not stand under the lifting hopper and close to conveyor belt.

The operation and observation place of mixing building should be set up with work platform and safety rails. The operator can not check the mixing building in the process of operation.

Anyone can not enter into the mixing bin, and he can not put the sundries into the bin. The operator should check the mixing bin before operating the machine, and make sure the escalator of mixing bin is safe and reliable.