Asphalt mixing plant combustion system

Asphalt mixing plant combustion system

A brief summary of the asphalt mixing plant combustion system, a simple exposition of its several important factors to further improve our understanding of these areas, in order to facilitate the use of the process can be better controlled. But also on the maintenance of the combustion system is analyzed, in order to maintain and safeguard our equipment, give full play to its performance.

Burner heat is part mobile asphalt mixing plant for sand and gravel drying heating to provide heat, the effect of its use is directly related to the operation of the entire apparatus of the economy, an important indicator of the accuracy of the temperature control, flue gas emissions, as the asphalt mixing plant key components, the use of the burner adjustment is an important and complex work.

Atomizing burner according to the way into the pressure atomizer, atomized media, atomizing rotor

Working conditions of the combustion system

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In the construction site equipment, the combustion system is working properly or not, the need to adjust the judgment, since the detection equipment and tools too complex, can not perform. Only through the flame color, brightness, a series of intuitive features to reflect the shape and determined only by observing the flame of this most simple and effective manner. In normal drying cylinder fuel combustion through the front cylinder portion observation hole saw flames should be: centered in the center of flame drying cylinder, surrounded by flames distribution does not touch the cylinder wall, full flame ignition point outlet (nozzle) away from the appropriate (do not burn nozzles); the flame length is about 1/3 of the drying tube length, substantially fills the entire combustion zone, a small fire length should not exceed 2m, the fire should not cause a long straight stitch to feed curtain; burner flame diameter generally require no more than 1.6m, adjusted wider as well. A clear outline of the whole flame, no smoke tail, outer ring without snow flake Mars, flame roots mist evenly without black bars, translucent smoke than flame, cylinder wall plate clearly visible; cylinder bore flame stability, flame orange yellow ~ between white, flame no abnormal noise or jitter. (asphalt batch mix plant)Flame diameter is too large can cause serious coke formation on the furnace tube, long flame will cause excessive damage to the exhaust temperature dust bag, will also make the material browning or oily material on the curtain thus affecting the quality of production materials .