Make sure the Installation order of concrete batching plant

Make sure the Installation order of concrete batching plant

1, first floor, stirring apparatus. The main operating room and the main building comprises stirring.(mobile concrete batching plant) The main division stirring device to device main leg sequentially from bottom to top, stirring layer and layer metering. After hoisting metering station device can operate in accordance with the room. Details of the operation means that we have skilled workers to complete.

2, the device ash tank. News has been in front of a detailed explanation of the details of cement tank, and the most important is the need to ensure that the ash cans snap ring welding firm, and avoid lifting during the attack losers end. (used mobile concrete batching plants)

3, the rack means inclined belt. Inclined belt rack divided into four sections, length 40m. When the belt unit rack device The sequential order of lifting, hoisting apparatus belt after belt and sticky.

After hoisting the belt hanging car rise on electric drum, the free end of the belt from the bottom of the inclined belt, pulled up to the top of the roller under the belt tailstock. The remaining along the belt conveyor belt rolling with inverted chain, belt clip post links, sticking belt. (mobile concrete batching plant for sale)

4, device screw conveyor. Detailed overview of the process and we have a special device to a union customers and friends in person means to debug.