Composition and installation of mobile concrete mixing plant

Composition and installation of mobile concrete mixing plant

 Mobile concrete mixing plant is composed of a variety of materials to form a certain proportion of ingredients, and then follow a certain process of mixing,finally produce a certain performance of concrete mixing plant equipment. Although various mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers in a wide range of specific forms, but its basic form and composition of the structure are similar. Now popular batching plant equipment is basically a computer as the core of control, automatic control of a variety of ingredients, automatic upgrade, mixing and discharging, and some statistics, report printing and other ancillary functions.

1,storage silo: storage sand, stone, cement, water and other materials, to feed ingredients institutions;

2, ingredients: according to certain proportion measurement such as sand and gravel materials, mainly composed of various scales, there are also made using measurement by volume flow metering equipment, etc.;

3, hoisting gear, gravel aggregate are mainly used for ascension;

4, cocrete mixer, will all kinds of raw materials mixing, the final form of concrete;

5 devices, mobile concrete mixing plant control system: control parts coordination, complete production process.

Mobile concrete mixing plant equipment installation:

1, mobile concrete mixing plant installation and installation of powder ingredients

First, find a relatively smooth ground during installation, then lift the host rack, on the basis of the design, and then the ground can be screwed to the ground.

2, the installation of cement warehouse

First of all, the components of the cement warehouse to be installed are assembled one by one on the ground, then the cement warehouse is lifted, and the lower warehouse body support and the lower support side of the lower warehouse body support face towards the powder material mixing system. The upper and lower warehouse bodies are fixed, Last anchor bolts. Pay attention to the tilting of legs in the whole mobile concrete plant.

3, the installation of screw conveyor connected with the cement silo

Lifting the screw conveyor, the screw conveyor ball hinges and cement silo discharge port connection, so that the discharge port alignment powder hopper feed port, and then use wire rope to connect the conveyor lugs and cement warehouse, and finally to the ground fix the bolt well.